About Us

CWC has been  operating since 1997. CWC has an  extension combined experience in  providing consulting  services to and for a wide range of community development agencies, state agencies, community initiatives, under-represented persons and groups, training, and technical assistance. CWC has written and contributed towards numerous studies, manuals, publications, and other documentation on this service area. Clients include:

  • South Florida Black Archives Foundation

  • GALATA, Inc

  • The Business Development & Technology Center

  • One Man can Make A Difference Jesus Did Youth Group

  • Trinity Empowerment

  • CMB Visions Unlimited, Inc

  • Kiddies International Learning & Care center

    • Port of Palm Beach

    • Creative Choice Homes, LLC

    • 1998 Miami-Dade Country Empowerment Zone Committee/Application

    • Our Litle Hands of Love Daycare

    • Annie's Care Foundation

    The Comsortium of Worthy Consultants, Inc.( CWC), is a 100% minorrity-owned community development and planning consulting firm. Currently, there is only 1 employee, MS. Kimberly Worthy. Ms Worthy is the Chief Executive Office and works part-time (minimum 30 hours per week).
    CWC is a home-based business located in the community of south Miami Heights of South Miami-Dade County.
    CWC is a professional consulting firm specializing in  community development and planning & technical assistance sevices. CWC consists of several divisions that are related to this project.

  • Executive Director Ms. Worthy has over 20 years of experience in community development and planning, grant writing, research, grant compliance and management with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Ms Worthy is the CEO for the Consortium of Worthy Consultants. She assumed this position in 1997. Ms Worthy is also the Executive Director and Founder of A Cause and assumed her duties as Executive Director in May 2011.
    Ms. Worthy has worked with the  non-profit arena and other charitable organizations in  the States of Califonia, Maryland, Connecticut and Florida. Through these experiences, she has successsfully worked to develop programs to strengthen the organizational capacity of small and large organizations and has evaluated the impact of their work. In addition, Ms. Worthy is also an advocate for education and is currently an educator with Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
    Ms. Worthy is responsible for community development intiatives that  uplift communities. In this role, she has been recognized for her  commitment to social responsibility and community outtreach since 1997. Form this commitment CWC has gained the experience needed to provide technical assistance to organizations at their demand. Providing personalized, supportive and quality services has given CWC a positive reputation with resctive communities.
    Ms. Worthy holds a Masters of City and Regional  Planning from Morgan  State University ( Baltimore, MD) and a Bachelor of Science in City and quality ser

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